Eye Lab

Currently, we have an ISCAN ETL-500 system for eye-tracking. This system is integrated with a Lisp-based software system for presenting stimuli and post-processing the data. The tracker samples at 60Hz and has a spatial resolution of approximately a half degree of visual angle.

Here's a photo of grad student Michael Fleetwood acting as a subject in the eye tracker:

Photo of the eye-tracker

Stimuli are delivered on the 19" monitor in front of the subject, which is connected to the G3 Macintosh. The machine to the right of the G3 is the ISCAN system in a Dell box. The three stacked black-and-white monitors to the right of the Dell are, from top to bottom, a display of the stimulus monitor over which the point-of-regard (POR) is overlayed; the eye monitor, which displays an image of the subject's eye; and a scene monitor which gives an overall view from the subject's perspective.

Last modified 01.07.09