Research Overview


The main theme of the research at CHIL is "Cognitive Science applied to human-computer interaction (HCI)." Our research is concerned with the psychological processes underlying the interaction of people with man-made systems, particularly computer systems, with the ultimate goal of developing engineering models of human performance that can aid in the design of real-world systems. This work spans a broad spectrum of investigation, from the most coarse explorations of users' work environments (e.g. what are the tasks people perform?) to detailed analysis of the temporal microstructure of human performance (e.g. what eye movements do people make when they select from simple menus?).

We are always looking for bright, eager students--both graduate and undergraduate--who are interested in research in these areas, regardless of original academic background. Beacuse of the technical nature of the work, however, people with backgrounds in psychology and computer science are particularly well-suited to this type of research. However, people with backgrounds from other disciplines are certainly welcome as well. If you are interested in becoming involved in research at CHIL, please get in touch with Mike Byrne immediately.


Last modified 01.07.10